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We conclude our range of seasonal products with a high-quality offering of poinsettia. Our company philosophy extends into this segment as well: we supply a solid and tough final product, clean and impeccable, ready-made for any high-quality garden centre or flower shop. It is along this line that we have opted to cultivate our poinsettias in stoneware pots, increasing the lifespan of the plant. This gives an added value to our poinsettias, both for the point of sale and for the consumer. We offer poinsettias in three pot sizes:

We offer poinsettias in three pot sizes
- pot size 10 cm, midi,
- stoneware pot 14 cm
- pot size 25 cm tuft, with 3 cuttings

poinsettia midi10 rood poinsettia steen14 rood
poinsettia mide10 roze poinsettia steen14 roze
poinsettia midi10 Ice cristal poinsettia steen14 ice cristal
poinsettia midi10 wit poinsettia steen14 wit
poinsettia midi10 apricot poinsettia midi10 marble
poinsettia steen14 flame oranje poinsettia steen14 ice punch
poinsettia steen14 picasso poinsettia toefP25 rood

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